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PROHAND-EX El Ve Cilt Dezenfektanı


Effective Hand and Skin Cleansing
Just washing your hands may not be enough to protect against epidemics. Prohand-ex provides effective protection in protecting yourself, your loved ones and your business. It is effective against all microorganisms that are at risk of being carried on the hands and skin. It shows effect in a short time and flies spontaneously.

Suitable for frequent use
It is used safely in risk and epidemic situations where hands need to be cleaned frequently. It provides all the desired standards for hand hygiene. Suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Prohand-EX contains 70% Isopropyl alcohol in its structure. Isopropyl alcohol is the most effective type of alcohol for microorganisms, especially used in the medical field. Thanks to its effective formula; it destroys all microorganisms that pose a risk in the hand.

It is used in the medical field. For hygienic hand cleaning, at least 3 ml of the solution is applied to the hand without dilution and rubbed for 30 seconds until the hands are dry. For surgical hand cleaning, at least 5 ml of the solution is applied to the hand and the hands are rubbed for 3 minutes. For a mycobacterial effect, hands are rubbed for 5 minutes. For hygienic hand antisepsis, at least 3 ml is sprayed/applied to the hand and the hands are rubbed. Apply to dry hand.

It uses it safely for hand and body cleaning of all production and office employees in packaging and food production facilities. In the medical field, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses, as well as restaurants, hotels, schools, cafes, shopping centers, etc... it is used safely in many areas such as. Thanks to its ability to be used on sensitive skin and its formula suitable for frequent use, it is preferred for individual use. It is used in homes to protect the entire family against the spread of disease.