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Single bath, cold use pre-paint preparation New generation Nanoceramic coating product

Single bath, cold use pre-paint preparation New generation Nanoceramic coating product

A new generation formula for metal surface preparation before painting
It is produced as an alternative to iron and zinc phosphate. As well as eliminating the disadvantages experienced in the use of phosphate bath, it provides much more effective paint retention and long paint life compared to phosphate coating. The new generation nanoceramic coating acts as a Decoupling layer between the metal surface and the paint. In this way, the paint used shows an extra holding ability regardless of the type and brand. Excellent results are obtained from the impact and life tests performed for the paint after application.

There is no need for a degreasing bath
30 maximum 60 sec. it removes all the oil from the metal surface during the application period and performs the nanoceramic coating. The installation of a pre-degreasing bath, by the usual method; the use of degreasing chemicals or degreasing additives is not needed. It provides serious economy from the number of baths used, chemicals, application time, process time and energy expenditure used in heating the degreasing bath.

Cold use
The product works at room temperature and is used cold. Cold use; provides a serious economic advantage for the enterprise. The oil removal and nano-ceramic coating performance of the product are not affected by cold use. On the contrary, it is not recommended to heat the product bath. There is no foam problem in cold use experienced with traditional degreasing products and phosphate bath degreasing additives. The product does not foam regardless of the temperature.